Zenagen Company History Photo

Jared Reynolds, Zenagen Creator & Founder

Founder Jared Reynolds had never given much thought to his hair—until, he was in medical, he noticed it starting to thin and recede. Conventional hair loss products and treatments brought him nothing but disappointments and adverse side effects, fueling Jared’s frustration. So, as a scientist and aspiring doctor, he decided to put his own head toward finding a new solution.

Jared hit the books and the lab in search of a fresh, effective remedy to his own harrowing hair loss problem. In his medical pursuits, Jared’s focus was Nutraceutical Science: the study of natural compounds, ingredients and extracts that have pharmaceutical-grade qualities and effects on the body. He believed nutraceutical technology was the key to an untapped natural, potent and convenient solution to men and women’s hair loss. After two years of research and development, Jared arrived at a revolutionary formula: Zenagen.

Following its international launch, Zenagen ascended to become the Number One men’s natural hair loss treatment shampoo in Turkey. Jared, too, was elevated as a world-leading expert in his field of nutraceutical science. With broadened horizons and a hardy new hairline, he was recruited as a consultant to drive product development for one of the industry’s leading Brazilian straightening companies. His challenge—to create a natural heat-damage repair system—led Jared to examine nutraceutical solutions for accelerating the hair-growth cycle, nourishing and restoring damaged hair increasing volume, shine and manageability.

After two more years of research and development, Zenagen released two professional hair therapy lines: Zenagen Revolve for men and women’s hair loss, and Zenagen Evolve for accelerated hair growth and damage repair. While each of these shampoo-based treatments serves distinctly different hair care needs, both are convenient, natural and color-safe, delivering revolutionary results through easy home applications, and without the use of sulfates, Parabens, alcohol or formaldehyde.

Zenagen premiered its Revolve and Evolve systems to the professional beauty market at the HBA Global Expo, garnering both the People’s Choice Award and the New Product Excellence Award. Since their shining debut, Zenagen products have earned shelf space in some of the top salons in the country.

But Zenagen’s crowning achievement is not an industry accolade or a celebrity endorsement. It’s the rekindled glow of confidence that lights up our clients when they look in the mirror to see, touch and admire the strongest, healthiest, most beautiful hair they never thought they could have.

Zenagen has expanded the company to salon professional distributors around the world and the US. Click here to learn more about the Zenagen salons and distributors or click here to return to the Zenagen home page.