Melissa Schleicher Zenagen Hair Care Salon Parlour 3


Celebrity Stylist, Salon Owner, Zenagen Celebrity Stylist Spokeswoman

Melissa Schleicher is a celebrity stylist and owner of the prestigious Parlour 3 Salon in Nashville, TN. Melissa is the woman behind Carrie’s tresses and makeup is hairstylist and makeup artist Melissa Schleicher, who also cites Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatt samong her celebrity clients.

“As a celebrity stylist and owner of a hair salon, I finally feel Zenagen will change people’s lives by providing the thick, full head of hair that everyone desires. I have seen and used and been pitched every product out there. And with my clientele and reputation as a stylist and top salon owner, I have very strict standards for products. I was absolutely amazed by the results Zenagen had on my clients. I know what Zenagen is doing for the salon industry and my clients is unlike anything in this industry. I am honored to be Zenagen’s celebrity stylist spokeswomen and my salon be an ambassador salon for the Brand.”

Audrey Moore Meadows, Miss Alabama USA 2010


Miss ALABAMA 2010, Top 10 Miss USA & Miss Photogenic

“I am so happy with the results of Zenagen! I was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia when I was 20 years old and competing for the title of Miss USA. I was so embarrassed by my hair loss and my self-confidence was really affected. After three years of trying everything under the sun to stop my hair loss, I was introduced to Zenagen. I have now been using Zenagen for over a year, and not only has my hair loss stopped, but I have also experienced new hair growth! Zenagen helped restore my self-confidence by giving me back the thick, full head of hair that I grew up with. I am so happy to use a product that consists of all natural ingredients and that actually works!

Thank you, Zenagen!”

Tucker Perry


Miss Tennessee USA 2010

“Since being introduced to the Zenagen products, my hair has not only grown noticeably faster than it ever has before, but also healthier and thicker. My hair has gone through a lot of wear and tear over the years, but Zenagen has helped to give my hair the body that I’ve been wanting for so long!”


“I had been seriously looking for a hair loss product for a couple of years, because I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting with ‘Professional’ products that were available at my local distributors. There have been several clients who have been discouraged with the results of those products. When I started researching Zenagen, I knew I had to try it! The very first time I used Zenagen on a client, I didn’t even have to wait the ten weeks to see results. I ordered the whole product line. One of my clients—who has cried over her hair numerous times—got more compliments on how full and shiny her hair was after I used Zenagen on her. A professional male client who was ready to have his head shaved sent me a text after five weeks on the product and said, “I think the fertilizer is working!” He came in and he does have new growth. This is the only product that I have ever used that allows you to see and feel the results the very first time you use it. Zenagen does what it claims it will do. Every one of our clients who is using Zenagen loves it! I personally use Evolve, and my hair feels and looks better than ever. I get so many compliments on how shiny and full my hair is. I love, love, love Zenagen! I am so happy I have found a hair loss product that I can prescribe with confidence that it will work.”


“I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have noticed an incredible difference in my hair. It is much much thicker and my wife keeps telling me how much better it looks [since] I have been using Zenagen. Thank you very much!”

johnhiattpromoJOHN HIATT

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

“Zenagen Rocks! I had been using it for only a very little while when I noticed [it working]. Zenagen has really made a difference on my hair and [its] thickness. Zenagen really works!”

Joshua McMichen & Stacy Harvey, Shearious SalonJOSH MCMICHEN & STACY HARVEY

Shearious Hair Salon

Shearious Hair Salon, created in 2011 by Joshua McMichen and Stacy Harvey, was the first salon in Georgia to carry the innovative hair growth treatment “Zenagen”.

“When a product claims to regrow hair or grow hair thicker and fuller, we tend to approach it with a skeptical mindset…”, says Joshua and Stacy, “…but at Shearious we believe seeing is believing and after seeing the results of “Zenagen” on our guests we have now been made believers.”

Since carrying the “Zenagen” product over 90% of Shearious’ clientele is now using the treatment with 100% satisfaction. Not only has “Zenagen” transformed their client’s hair; it has transformed their retail business as well with a 500% boost.

“We strongly encourage all other salon owners to try this product on their guests, as we know it could do the same for you as it did for us.”

jody brown  Jody Haun, Celebrity Stylist Educator

I have seen many products come and go in this category. My clients include executives, athletes, and celebrities and would not be comfortable suggesting products unless they worked, and worked well. Zenagen is the hands down best product line I have seen in my years in the industry. Zenagen products are unbelievable for improving hair conditions including hair loss, hair shedding, and hair damage. The best thing about these products is that they are naturally formulated and even more important, they work.