Evolve Duo Box

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The new Evolve Duo Box grows healthy hair FASTER now in one affordable, convenient set. The Evolve collection encourages hair repair for stronger, longer and healthier-looking hair while making hair more resilient against dryness and breakage caused by ongoing heat styling, chemical treatments and hair color. Alpine Willowherb stimulates hair growth and lengthens the hair growing phase, allowing for faster growing hair.

The Evolve Duo Box contains

1 Evolve Repair Treatment Shampoo, 6oz.
1 Evolve Conditioner, 5oz.
This topical shampoo treatment and conditioner set works in the shower in just five minutes, two to four times per week.

• Improves the appearance of damage from heat styling, hair color or chemical processes.
• Creates an optimal scalp environment for hair to grow longer and stronger.
• Helps restore strength and resilience to weak, damaged hair.
• Increases manageability and shine.
• Contains no harsh chemicals, parabens or SLS.
• Easy-to-use system works in just five minutes.

Apply Evolve Shampoo Treatment to scalp and hair and allow it to penetrate for a full five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Evolve conditioner. Leave on hair as long as desired, then rinse. Use the system 2 – 4 times per week for best results. We recommend Evolve for all women with heat or styling damage, color-treated or chemically treated hair, or those who want to grow hair longer and faster.


Introducing the Zenagen Evolve Duo Box! Your favorite hair repair and growth acceleration made more accessible in one box.

Included in the Evolve Duo Box ($90 Retail Value):

  • Zenagen Evolve Repair Shampoo Treatment, 6 oz. ($60 Retail Value)
  • Zenagen Evolve Repair Hydrating Conditioner, 5 oz. ($30 Retail Value)

Q. Will the products still work if I wash my hair only once or twice per week?

A. The Evolve line must be used 3 – 4 times per week to achieve desired results. If you wash your hair only 3 – 4 per week, simply use the Evolve shampoo treatment each time. We recommend that the Evolve line be used 2 – 4 times per week to encourage faster hair growth and achieve maximum reparative benefits.


Q. Will the shampoo treatment or conditioner weigh my hair down?

A. No, the shampoo treatment and conditioner are specially formulated to work effectively without weighing hair down. You may style hair as desired after using these products.


Q. Can I use another shampoo or conditioner before or after Zenagen?

A. Yes. Zenagen is still effective when used in conjunction with other shampoos or conditioners. Simply make sure to use the Revolve system 3 – 4 times per week or the Evolve system 2 – 4 per week to ensure optimal results.