• Zenagen Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment for Men - 2.5 Oz.

Zenagen Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment for Men - 2.5 Oz.

  • $35.00

Zenagen Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment for Men offers a revolutionary way to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness at the source without harsh chemicals or minoxidil. Powered by a green tea delivery system and a proprietary blend of nutraceutical ingredients, Revolve targets DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. It removes existing DHT and stops its future production so that the follicle can grow back thicker and healthier.

Q. Can I use the Revolve treatment more than 3 – 4 times per week? 
A. It is safe to use the treatment every day; however, the recommended use of the Revolve system 3 – 4 times per week is sufficient to deliver optimal results. When used correctly, one bottle of Revolve shampoo treatment should last up to 3 months. 

Q. What happens if a woman accidentally uses the men’s line or vice versa? 
A. Though it is safe for both men and women to use either system, each line is specially formulated to deliver optimal results when used as instructed. 

Q. Can I use Zenagen in conjunction with other hair loss products? 
A. Zenagen may be used with other hair loss products if desired, though it is not necessary or recommended. 

Q. I am currently using a minoxidil-based product and want to make the switch to Zenagen Revolve. Anything I should know? 
A. You should slowly wean off of any minoxidil-based product, as its alcohol level can cause rapid shedding. Gradually decrease use of the minoxidil product while regularly using Zenagen over a period of 2 – 4 months. 

Q. What happens if I stop using Zenagen Revolve? 
A. If you stop using the product, you will gradually revert to your previous state of hair loss. The time it takes for this to happen will be the exact amount of time that you have been using the product. It’s ok to miss a day or two; however, consistent use and prevention are key.